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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ways to market my new book?

A long time ago, marketing a new book might have involved getting interviewed on the radio, book signings at the local library, perhaps even talks or festival appearances.
back to today, most book marketing takes place on line.

What is most cost effective method of marketing my books?

Keep in mind you are one of thousands of writers in the marketplace,Unless you’re an A-List author, your publisher or any publisher isn’t going to have the budget to spend a
lot on promoting you and your book. Its just the fact of life.

How do i do this .... marketing is hard?

The good news is that marketing your book on-line doesn’t have to involve lots of technical complexity, and definitely doesn’t and should not mean spamming people with “buy my book!” messages.
It also doesn’t need to cost you much at all. You just need a step by step process to growth hack you brand to your ideal customers.

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